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Central Heating Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Choosing to upgrade your old and ageing heating system can be a difficult decision. However, it can also be exciting to see how heating technology has advanced and explore the various new options that are available today.

When you think that heating your home on average accounts for around 42 – 50 % of your utility bills, it makes sense that spending money now means saving money in the future – not to mention the ecological benefits of advanced systems.

Insulating your property can also make a big difference to saving energy. When heating a home, there are several options worth considering. These include but are not limited to:

Ground source heating (Geothermal systems)

GSHP’s or ground source heat pumps use pipes that are buried on your land to draw heat from the ground. This heat can then be distributed to the heat sources in your home, such as radiators, underfloor heating, or hot water systems. The system becomes more efficient when you have a good amount of space in your garden, as longer loops in the pipes extract more heat.

Air source heating (Aerothermal systems)

An air source heat pump looks a lot like an air conditioning unit. It is placed outside your home where it uses air to generate heat by turning its refrigerant liquid into gas. This gas then runs through a compressor. These compressed hot gases now run through a heat exchanger which is surrounded by cool air or water. The refrigerant turns the cool air or water into warmth, which is then distributed round your home. While this is happening the refrigerant cools and the process begins again.

Hybrid Heating

If you heat your home using oil, a hybrid heating system will complement your existing heating by adding an energy-efficient air source heat pump (ASHP). This will reduce your home’s dependency on oil at the same time as lowering your carbon emissions.

This system is only compatible for homes equipped with an internet connection as it uses an app-based, smart control panel.

Solar fluid panels

Solar fluid panels heat your home using sunlight, which is a good option if you are in an area with plenty of sun. The orientation of your house is therefore a consideration when choosing solar.

Pellet heating

Pellet heating systems combust wood pellets made from wood chips and sawdust to heat your home. Occasionally straw pellets can also be used. This renewable energy source is comparable to the operation and maintenance of oil and gas systems.


Alongside any efficient heating system, your home must be well insulated to retain the heat your system produces, and block the cold from entering your home. The better your insulation the less hard your system will have to work to heat your property.

Electric boilers

As an alternative to gas boilers, electric boilers heat your home using electricity. They are more efficient than gas boilers as they don’t lose energy. For instance, an electric boiler is rated 99%-100% efficient, whereas a gas boiler is only 93% efficient.

At Maintain Alps, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance on all these solutions. Our knowledgeable engineers will happily advise you on electrical and ecological heating systems to effectively combat the cold and heat your water.

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