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24Hour Callout

CALL NOW: +33 4 57 37 20 85

Full home or second residence renovations

Thanks to our network of qualified and reputable contractors, Maintain Alps can offer full renovations for your home or second residence, and we will manage your project seamlessly from start to finish.

We make your renovation project a stress free, enjoyable experience, and will work with you to pick out the best layout, design, and decorative finish. Our team is always on hand, available and happy to listen.


Planning is the first and most important stage in any renovation. If it is not correctly thought out, the execution could consequently become more expensive than originally quoted. Additional costs for changes along the way could affect your budget, so it is very important that the planning process is both comprehensive and definitive.


Before starting any demolition work, we will assess the area, consider neighbours and are mindful of any noise or other restrictions. In addition, we display signs to communicate who we are, along with our contact details.

Structural alterations

We are experienced at carrying out structural alterations, i.e. changes to the main structure of the house, such as to supporting walls, the roof, electrical rewiring and plumbing, or work on the foundations. We can also make alterations as required to the internal structure, e.g. inside walls, doors, floors and windows.

First fix plumbing, electrical and wall layout

In this stage, we will lay pipes and run conduits before internal walls are finished.

Closing walls, decoration, and finishes

After the first fix plumbing and electrical work is complete, the walls are closed and plastered, and tiling is carried out. Our experienced painters and decorators can now start painting or wallpapering depending on personal preference.

Second fix plumbing and electrical

Next the sanitary ware is installed along with plug sockets, and light fittings and light switches are put in place. Similarly, air conditioning units are fitted, and radiators are connected.

At Maintain Alps we like to keep you informed of the progress of your renovation and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.