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24Hour Callout

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Heating System Maintenance

If you are subletting your property, or using it for weekly rentals, it is important to consider yearly and bi-yearly maintenance checks on your boiler and hot water cylinder.
These checks are to ensure the correct running of your systems and detect any problems before they have an impact. During verifications, an equipment service will be undertaken.

The correct timing for maintenance checks is yearly for your boiler, and bi-yearly for your hot water cylinder. Most importantly, and to abide by regulations, your invoice provides you with proof the work has been carried out.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Maintain Alps. Our friendly advisor will be happy to help.

Pre Plan Maintenance (PPM)

As the cold winter months approach, it’s a good idea to be proactive about those little maintenance jobs, which if left undone can cause larger problems e.g., disconnecting hoses, cutting off the water supply to outdoor taps, shutting off valves and insulating pipes which are open to the elements.

Should you have a septic system it is also important to carry out seasonal inspections and frequent maintenance.

In the warmer months, you should check for leaks and monitor appliances.

If you rent your property throughout the winter, the summer and autumn months are perfect for checking everything is in order, before your first guests arrive. This may include appliances checks, electrical checks, plumbing verification, internet function, wellness facilities, drainage, etc.

Other considerations include thinking about whether the exterior is ready for snow, the steps are level, your balcony or terrace are safe, and your external drains are clear.
Surely there is nothing more frustrating than having to refund your first week of guests over Christmas when the hot tub is out of action, or there’s no hot water in the chalet….